Sending thankful praise your way

Thanksgiving 2020 sure looks different in so many ways for so many people, doesn’t it? This year looks different in more ways than most of us are willing to admit or acknowledge. But, if you know me, you know I’m all about looking through positive perspective and this is one of those times. Since May of this year ElderPoint Services has gone through SO many changes. New leadership, new staff, MANY new clients, new location and a new program! With every change ElderPoint has become better in its service to our seniors and we are answering needs that we’ve never been able to before. That is a lot to be thankful for. We have increased our medical ride program by 198%, serving more clients each month and always looking for more to serve. Our new location is home of our Caregiver Resource Center, a new program that we celebrated the Grand Opening last week. We are serving caregivers and seniors in ways they’ve been needing by assisting with the navigation of the senior care choices and paths available to them while partnering with some of the greatest senior care providers in our area you can possibly find. Our new staff have hearts for service to seniors and the stories and moments they share are reflection of their commitment to the organization’s mission. I’d say things are really falling into place around here! 2020 has been an opportunity for us to stand up and step out in service to seniors in our area and we are rising to the challenge of making it happen. That perspective is the one that gives me great hope for the future of Polk County and the betterment for our seniors who live here. We were met with many restrictions that caused us to adapt, change, build and grow in ways that will provide us with better ways to serve at greater capacity. How can you not be thankful for that?! Today wraps up our first Thanksgiving Meal Box outreach program for ElderPoint clients. We provided over 4,000lbs of food to 100 clients with the support and participation of volunteers and donors who rallied together to not only donate funds and food, but who also delivered the boxes, as well as the staff who organized all the donations, separated the food and coordinated all the deliveries. The past few days have been FULL of amazing stories about connection, community and service. That is what ElderPoint is all about! We are proud of what we do, we love who we do it for and we appreciate the partners and sponsors who make this all possible. I’m so thankful for my team, my Board of Directors, my relationships in the community with sponsors and partners and I’m eternally thankful for our clients who we are blessed to serve. I am also blessed to have a supportive spouse who has a huge heart for the work we do in senior care and really great kids who work hard to always put their best foot forward in their education, work and volunteering. Thanksgiving 2020 goes down in the books of one to remember and forever cherish because it sure has set priorities in place, given great perspective of thankfulness and has provided experiences that we can grow from. That, my friends, is what I will call a successful Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy this time with family, even though it may look different than times in the past. Remember that perspective changes everything and that your heart is where that perspective begins. Look through your heart and you will see the goodness that surrounds you and I hope that goodness includes ElderPoint Services and our team who is always willing and ready to serve. Happy Thanksgiving, from us to you! I am grateful for YOU. Sincerely Yours, Lacey Gardner Executive Director