How a Legal Guardian/Care Manager Relieves Family Stress

April is National Stress Awareness Month

By Sara Fuentes, owner of Integrity Guardianship and Senior Services

Anyone who has cared for an aging family member knows how stressful it can be. Making health care decisions, managing finances, and overseeing care services is just plain hard, as well as time-consuming, and often sad for loved ones. Those concerns are multiplied when families are not close by.

A professional guardian can be a bit like a guardian angel in these situations. As the owner of Integrity Guardianship and Senior Services, I am not only a certified legal guardian but also a care manager and fiduciary agent. I take on stress for others, and I truly like advocating for them.

How does a guardian relieve stress for family members?

Financial stress is huge when caring for a loved one. The first role of a professional guardian is to gather and protect the client’s assets and report them to the court. The guardian then uses the client’s assets to ensure the provision of health care, essential needs, protection, and support. Bills are paid and all accounts must be reconciled to the last penny. Reports are made annually to the court, which provides a level of oversight that reassures family members. When I am functioning as a care manager, I sometimes have financial access through a Power of Attorney without a court appointment. However, I always operate as if every record is going to be presented to the court.

Many senior citizens who require a guardian or care manager live in residential facilities. Managing a loved one’s health care, medical appointments, and prescriptions typically creates a lot of stress. That’s magnified when family members live in a different community or work full-time. A guardian has a wealth of knowledge about the senior care system that many families may not possess. Our experience and knowledge of area care providers allow my team to effectively advocate for clients. We see the clients and how they’re cared for, and we know the signs when something is wrong.

My priority is to determine the client’s wishes, or if that’s impossible, to act in his or her best interests, according to national standards. I am trained to react to problems, and I can advocate for clients and navigate families through tough situations. In addition, Integrity Guardianship and Senior Services are not contracted by any care provider or placement agencies, so we can remain fully focused on our clients.

My team and I at Integrity Guardianship and Senior Services are passionate about serving the aging population. We have credentials and backgrounds that make us uniquely qualified to serve elderly individuals and give their family members peace of mind. Call us at call 863-576-7374 or learn more at